Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Boost your sales and collection in less time
Sales Force Automation (SFA) simplifies your sales ordering process and reduces admin manual work by key in order into the accounting system. Our SFA solution helps the sales team to speed up the sales order process and increase payment collection. It is more than just a sales team productivity tool which can boost sales revenue significantly.

With EasyM Sales Force Automation, you will be able to

Pain Points:

Pre- Sales Module

Our Pre-sales modules allow sales team to perform or view,
  • Check in/out at outlet
  • Customer debtor statement
  • Multiple warehouse inventory
  • Customer pricing history
  • Payment collection updates

Van Sales Module

Our Pre-sales modules allow van driver to 

  • Generate cash sales order
  • Print cash sales receipt via Bluetooth printer
  • Generate sales invoice to customer on the spot
  • View available stock quantity
  • Generate daily sales summary

B2B Customer Self Order

B2B customer self order app allows your existing customer to place order anytime & anywhere without spamming order in whatsapp.
Enhance your B2B customer sales experience by getting the latest promotion, keep track of their order transaction and status in one app.

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