Merchandising Management System

Get your Real Time Merchandising Activity to increase your Sales in Modern & General Trade

Merchandising Management System for Distributor/ Brand Owner/ Manufacturer

EasyM merchandising management system helps distributors/ Brand Owner/ Manufacturer in managing various aspects of the distribution process, including inventory management in modern trade ( International key account/ Local Key Account) & General Trade, merchandising planning, retail auditing, market survey, team efficiency and promotion planning.
With EasyM Merchandising app solution, distributors/ Brand owner/ manufacturer know their product distribution in market and outlet visited insight.

With EasyM Merchandising Solution, you will be able to

Pain Points:

Efficiently Route Your Sales & Merchandiser Team

EasyM Schedule Planning empowers manual excel route planning in which admin is able to plan & execute high-value visits that optimise sales & merchandiser coverage. Field team can perform check in/ out via EasyM Merchandising app for outlet stocktake & merchandising activity.
With EasyM Schedule Planning feature, supervisors able to monitor their field team call rate which outlet has been visited, missed and also unscheduled visits in daily, weekly monthly basis

Call Rate Monitoring

Sales and merchandiser teams in FMCG or healthcare companies often cover wide geographic areas. Tracking and monitoring the call rates and efficiency of each team member across different locations can be challenging.
Call rates serve as a key performance indicator (KPI) for sales and merchandiser teams. By tracking the number of calls or visits made, companies can assess the productivity and efficiency of their sales force.
Regular visits by sales and merchandiser teams ensure that the brand remains prominent in retail outlets. This includes making sure that products are well-stocked, properly displayed, and that any promotional material is visible and up-to-date.
Supervisor can monitor weekly and monthly call rate of sales and merchandiser team via EasyM to ensure his team are effectively covering the market in Malaysia

Real time Merchandising Photo Display

Supervisor is able to monitor all the retail outlet stock availability & shelf photos instantly from EasyM backoffice and EasyTeam.
Supervisor will get prompts on the product expiring & out of stock notification after the field team has performed retail auditing in retail outlets.

Must Sell SKU Tracking

Merchandising Is not only about calculate the stock count and taking shelves photo. Tracking on core products in outlet chain is important to ensure must sell SKU has been listed, no. of facing (Share of Shelves) and Shelf level whether on eye level.
Big data able to help you identify your product competitiveness among competitors products in retail outlet.

Competitor Price Checking

Price is a major factor that affects consumer perception of brand. Knowing competitor prices can help in setting prices that appeal to the target market without under-pricing or overpricing products. Merchandiser team can collect the competitor selling and promotional price in every retail outlets.
By analysing competitor prices, a company can develop a competitive pricing strategy. This might involve setting prices lower than competitors to attract cost-conscious customers or pricing higher for a premium positioning. Competitor price surveys can inform promotional strategies. If competitors are offering discounts or promotions, a business might need to consider similar strategies to remain competitive.
EasyM provide you competitor price report and insight to help on pricing strategy and promotion planning in retails outlets.

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