Real Time Tracking on your Product Batch & Expiry Date

Why Choose EasyM for Healthcare Brand Owner?

Implementing EasyM sales and merchandising app solution in healthcare industry helps to keep track on product batch and reduce out of stock issue in pharmacy outlets chain. Effective inventory management is important to ensure that products are always available to customers. Regular stock check completed by sales and merchandiser team reduce possibility of out of stock (OOS) and selling expired or near expiration products.

Benefit of EasyM Sales and Merchandising Solution

EasyM sales force automation (SFA) integrates with more than 20s accounting system and ERP such as SQL, Autocount, QnE, UBS and etc. This integration allows to streamline processes, eliminate manual task and improves operational efficiency.

Additionally, EasyM merchandising app solution provides real time merchandising activity updates such as stock count, stock near expiry notification, out of stock notification, merchandising photo and etc. The real time merchandising data helps sales manager negotiate shelf space, collaborate with pharmacy chain on promotions and effective stock management to ensure stock availability and minimize out of stock.

By leveraging data analytics and reporting via EasyM solution, sales manager able to implement effective promotional strategies such as discount, special offer to boost sales.

Track your field team sales performance with EasyM.