EasyM Merchandising App Maximize Sales & Merchandiser Team Productivity & Improve Visibility!

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EasyM Merchandising App
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Incomparable Sales Force Automation App Solution for Brands & Distributors in Malaysia

Boasting a 15-years experience in the IT industry, our forte begins with a sales ordering system, delivery and warehousing applications all of which are built with maximum efficiency for B2B industries. We come up with the best merchandising solution that caters for distributors, suppliers and manufacturers from the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Cookware, Household Products and other industries alike needing to have better visibility on their stock condition in retail chains. We stand by our slogan “Check Stok Made Easy” hence our best interest is to make your retail execution easier than ever, only with EasyM Merchandising App.


Monitoring Your Team Efficiency & Assist Sales & Merchandiser Team Achieve Monthly Sales Target!


Challenges Facing by Brand / Distributor

General Trade

Modern Trade

What Makes Our Solution Stand Out From the Rest?

Offline Mode

EasyM remains functioning even in offline mode. Under circumstances with poorer coverage or without a WiFi connection, the team can still carry on with the score execution without delay.​

Comprehensive Field Team Activity

Manage field team with real- time data via EasyTeam & EasyM Dashboard

API Integration

Integrating with more than 20 accounting systems in Malaysia

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