Business Intelligence (BI)

Get your Real Time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) via EasyM Business Intelligence
EasyM Business Intelligence provides instant access on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales revenue, customer aging, sales target, product performance, agent performance and etc , enabling business owners to make informed decisions quickly.

With Business Intelligence (BI), you will be able to

Pain Points:

Seamless Sales Statistic Synchronization With Accounting System

Data can be synchronized seamlessly to EasyM Business Intelligence via our synchronization program with accounting system. This eliminates manual compiling for sales report, speeds up processes and also reduces human error.
In EasyM Sales dashboard, business owner able to compare this year vs last year sales performance to plan for the business strategy. In EasyM BI, we provide Real Time statistic on the sales performance just 1 click.

Real time Sales Performance Report just in one click