EasyM Strives to Empower Merchandising Team to

  • Detect potential out-of-stock, stock approaching expiry date, and stock return during store visit.
  • Liaise with manager regarding out-of-stock in a specific outlet to propose new order, which in return, increasing company sales revenue.
  • Reduce stock return and ultimately, the company’s cost.
  • Ensure correct shelf position alongside price tags in place.
  • Place stock replenishment to avoid empty shelves.
  • Identify missing displays in outlets.
  • Complete in-store activity based on checklist;
  • Sharing photos;
  • Receive instant feedback from the field regarding stock-availability.
  • Track their total commission from time to time.
  • Motivate the team to perform their best in-store execution.
Empower Merchandising
Empower National Sales

EasyM Aspires to Empower National Sales Team to

  • Identify stock approaching expiry date for promotion.
  • Pinpoint missing/ broken display for immediate repair.
  • Point out low inventory or out-of-stock in specific outlets for a smooth buyer experience and in time, increasing the company’s revenue.
  • Keep track of key reports including daily & weekly visit summary, visit duration report, total outlet visit, etc.
  • Rely on team performance trends for store planning, forecast and goal setting.
  • Recognise and prioritise stores to improve store execution.
Our reason

Why EasyM?

Better Product Availability

Find empty shelves and ensure your best selling products are always available in every outlet.

Visibility into Store Execution

Identify & prioritize store where there’s an high opportunity to increase new orders.

Insight Dashboard

Data is our DNA. Track stock availability, in store execution and team activity with seamless dashboard for your business planning.

EasyM Merchandising App

Seamless Review of On-Shelf Availability with EasyM Merchandising App.

Sales Force Automation Solution

EasyM is a sales force automation system that designed for B2B wholesalers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers to simplify the merchandising & ordering process.

For Merchandising activities such as Stock Check or Call Card, or you are require to supervise and plan your merchandisers’ daily activity, EasyM is a sales force automation solution that focus make your retail execution easy & increase company sales revenue.

Our Stock Take Software in Malaysia ensures that we address your pain areas, create software tailored to your unique requirements, and eventually produce a far more efficient and streamlined solution.